A personalized upper-limb training device

Rehabilitation Is In Your Hands.

Rehabit-tec focuses on improving upper limb function at home using a training device that allows a
stroke and TBI patient to train his injured hand by using his own healthy hand, thereby training the
injured part of the brain to improve its functioning.

Rehabit-tec offers a personalized, upper-limb training solution for stroke patients.

This independent, complimentary homecare treatment is driven by state-of-the-art minimized technology, based on Rehabit-tec's clinical research.

Rehabit-tec focuses on improving upper limb function at home using a training device that allows stroke and TBI patients to rehabilitate injured hands by using their own healthy hand, thereby training the injured part of the brain to improve its functioning.

The system is simple and intuitive, providing detailed training programs with on-screen explanations and even recommendations for continued treatment.

The system is designed to be used as part of an overall rehabilitation program, supervised by medical teams with rehabilitation expertise.

The combination of minimizing system components with a set of motors that operate each finger individually, the option of daily homecare, and an affordable target price for home use devices, can turn Rehabit-tec into the default device for upper limb rehabilitation.

Meet the team.

The Story of Rehabit-tec.

Shlomo Elia, served for decades in the IDF, rising to the position of Brigadier General, before
finally leaving the Israeli army. During his military service he lost his hand.


Elia approached Dr. Yariv Siman-Tov, an experienced researcher and entrepreneur, with a unique idea โ€“ to move a prosthesis according to parallel movements of the other healthy side of the body. When the two learned the limitations of building such a device, they decided to go about it a bit differently โ€“ developing a hand rehabilitation tool for stroke and TBI victims. This device would operate on the same principal โ€“ moving the paralyzed hand via the healthy one.

The initial development phase focused on learning hand movement, one of the most complex organs in the human body. This was done using different configurations of a variety of technologies that did not respond well at the beginning of the process. The team of researchers who worked on the development included physicians, engineers and product designers. After much trial and error, the team finally came up with appropriate templates that would enable symmetrical hand-movement via the opposite healthy hand.


The company contacted researchers from Tel Aviv University and soon the testing phase of the device began on hundreds of healthy volunteers.


2017 The company participated in a study conducted in collaboration with Tel Aviv University researchers on stroke patients. The study took place at the Beit Levinstein Medical Center. The results of the studies at the University and Medical Center strengthened the belief in the ability of users of the technology to restore hand movement, of course, fully accompanied by professionals.


Feedback from the experiments enabled the company to build an advanced version of the device that addressed both ergonomic and mechanical aspects. There is no doubt that Rehabit-Tec now has a high-quality rehabilitation device that provides the user with a convenient means for high-performance training in a home environment.


A fascinating pilot was held, again in collaboration with independent researchers from Tel Aviv University, where the effect of the device was examined on Parkinson's patients with a shaky hand. There it was discovered that using the device on a daily basis, for a short period of time, temporarily reduced tremors in the treated hand.

Shlomo Elia


Executive Chairman of the Hawk Group, former IDF Brigadier General, former senior officer in the intelligence forces. Served as chairman and director in both financial sector and government organizations. Shlomo lost his right hand during his military service.

Dr. Yariv Siman-Tov, DVM

Rehabit-tec's founder and CEO

25 years of experience in leading the Pre-Clinical R&D Department at the Shamir Medical Center. Major in the IDF. Experienced entrepreneur and consultant for dozens of Israeli biomed companies and VCs. Dr. Siman-Tov is also the Founder and Director of the Center for Advanced Medical Training.

Ofer Doron


Over 20 years of experience in leading the Preclinical R&D center at Kibbutz Lahav ( The Institute of Animal Research). Experienced consultant for many Israeli and overseas biomedical companies.

Ori Peretz


B.A. in Criminology and Middle East Studies from Bar Ilan University. Analyst and member of the management team at the Tzora Park company. Ori specializes in rehabilitation and work with youth on the autistics spectrum (ASD), and youth with special needs.